At AMI Health & Fitness we are commited to helping our clients obtain maximum health and strength. Our personal trainers plan custom programs for each client to maximise the benifits of each and every work out. We recognize the commitment our clients have made to change their health, and we will support each client as they reach their goals!


ACE- Certified Personal Trainer
NFPT Resistance Training Specialist, NFPT Fitness Nutrition Specialist

Each of my clients will receive posture, movement , balance and flexibility assesments. I include functional programming for stability, mobility and movement, as well as resistance training and cardio respiratory training. Clients are able to recieve a custom program tailored to their needs including; injury preventative movement patterns, exercises to enhance the bio-mechanics of their daily lives and programs for special populations.


AMI Health & Fitness President
LMT, AFFA/NASM, ISFTA Certified Trainer, AAFFA/NASM Certified Group X Instructor
Certified Surfset Fitness Instructor
In- Home Personal Training
Mobile Group Fitness

Krystal Longmore

Front Desk Reception, Member Services

Wendy Kovich

NASM Certified Trainer
Running Coach/ Strength and Agility