You can now offer your guests access to a full service fitness facility on the island, through a Fitness Partnership with  AMI Health & Fitness!.

Attention Rental Property owners/managers!

Did you know that according to Tripadvisor, fitness is the #1 requested amenity. And the majority of AMI rental properties do not offer adequate, if any, on site fitness?

AMI Health & Fitness accommodates thousands of visitors each year that purchase short term or seasonal memberships. In fact, it’s approximately 75% of our annual revenue! That’s a lot of visitors in the gym!! We recognize the need for fitness accommodations, and the potential increase in rental business a fitness accommodation could create for the property owner!

By partnering with AMI Health & Fitness, your rental listing will be displayed on our website, as well as listed on a brochure of our partnering rental properties, available in the fitness center for guests. For just $5.75 a week per unit, each guest will receive
50% OFF all short term memberships (for an extra $3 a week, you may also upgrade to offer guests FREE UNLIMITED ACCESS).

AMI Health & Fitness will also share our marketing materials (logos, photos and print), for you to add to your web and print listing, to help attract fitness minded customers!
With a Fitness Accommodation Partnership, a small weekly subscription could place your listing in front of the thousands of fitness minded customers, and secure additional bookings!

The average cost of a weekly rental on AMI ranges from $1500 – $2000 a week! By offering fitness accommodations, creating just ONE new weekly rental per year, your ROI is more than 500%!!! Not many programs can do that!!

Our Fitness Accommodation Partnerships are set up as a weekly or monthly subscription, or membership fee. All of our billing is done in-house, and no contracts are required. Subscriptions can be cancelled easily and without penalty.

Our Co-Pay Program is $5.75 a week, per rental unit. This will give ALL guests 50% off any short term membership.
To UPGRADE the Co-Pay Program to offer guests FREE UNLIMITED ACCESS, your weekly subscription cost would be $8.75 per rental unit.

Signing up is quick and simple! Remember, season is quickly approaching! You will want to be signed up and ready for renters SOON!

Contact Jen at AMI Health & Fitness to get started! We look forward to partnering with you!!